Representing Owners of Family-Owned and Closely-Held Businesses

The law firm of KJMLAW Partners has, since 1992, used its expertise in estate planning, trusts, probate, real estate, corporate law, tax planning, and tax avoidance to help the owners of family-owned and closely-held businesses protect their wealth and bring order to their personal and financial situations. Specifically, we provide guidance to clients in connection with their Business Tax Planning and Transaction needs. This includes asset protection of family-owned and closely-held business, structuring their holdings to reflect the wishes of their owners, while minimizing their tax exposure. We also collaborate with service and manufacturing companies, and entities with substantial real estate holdings to change ownership, and to implement other Business Succession tools and strategies. Our work increasingly includes an international dimension, such as working with U.S. citizens living abroad and foreign nationals to minimize taxes relating to their U.S. based real-estate holdings and other investments.

We also have extensive experience protecting and advocating for our clients in litigation. This includes Tax Litigation, such as defending clients before the Internal Revenue Service, and the California Franchise Tax Board, as well as contesting property tax assessments. We have also a long track record of successfully litigating probate and will-related law suits, such as defending challenges to Wills and Trusts, and law suits involving the alleged wrongdoing of trustees.

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