How We Can Help

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KJMLAW Partners, a Pasadena based law firm, works on behalf of its clients to set in place the best possible legal protection for their estates, wealth and hard-earned money, whether they are high income or a pensioner or working-class person. By cultivating steady, long-term relationships, KJMLAW Partners is able to anticipate its clients’ needs and meet those needs with security, comfort, and protection under the scope of the law.

KJMLAW Partners is committed to building its clients’ trust and does so by  ensuring that they receive:

  • Personalized attention on all of their Legal Matters
  • Expertise in every area of Legal Service
  • Attention to their Wants and specific Needs, as they define them (as opposed to forcing a one-size-fits-all Estate Plan onto a client)
  • Timely meetings at convenient locations
  • Offering a fixed fee on many legal services which promotes better communication with clients
  • Savings on their Estate taxes, wherever & whenever possible
  • Protection from reassessment of Property Taxes
  • Successful defense in Business Litigation lawsuits
  • Successful prosecution of any claims
  • A comfortable transition of business from one generation to the next