How We Help

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Kevin J. Moore & Associates, a Pasadena based law firm, works on behalf of its clients to set in place the best possible legal protection for their estates, wealth and hard-earned money, whether they are high income or a pensioner or working-class person. By cultivating steady, long-term relationships, Kevin J. Moore & Associates is able to anticipate its clients’ needs and meet those needs with security, comfort, and protection under the scope of the law.

Kevin J. Moore & Associates is committed to building its clients’ trust and does so by  ensuring that they receive:

  • Personalized attention on all of their Legal Matters
  • Expertise in every area of Legal Service
  • Attention to their Wants and specific Needs, as they define them (as opposed to forcing a one-size-fits-all Estate Plan onto a client)
  • Timely meetings at convenient locations
  • Offering a fixed fee on many legal services which promotes better communication with clients
  • Savings on their Estate taxes, wherever & whenever possible
  • Protection from reassessment of Property Taxes
  • Successful defense in Business Litigation lawsuits
  • Successful prosecution of any claims
  • A comfortable transition of business from one generation to the next