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Changes to Canada Capital Gains Tax in 2024

Canada Capital Gains Tax

On April 16, 2024 the Canadian Federal Government issued its 2024 Budget that announced key changes in taxation coming into effect on June 25, 2024. These changes particularly impact the taxation of estates and will likely have a profound impact on estate/succession planning for both Canadian residents and non-residents with investments/assets located in Canada going forward. Taxes Imposed By The Canadian Federal Government Following Death Unlike the United States, the […]

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KJM Spoke to the Chinese American CPA Association About Estate & Gift Tax Issues

Kevin Moore Chinese Amer Presentation

Last Saturday, Kevin J. Moore spoke at the Chinese American CPA Association 2019 Professional Expo. This organization offers professional services such as taxation, accounting, law, wealth management, and insurance to Chinese American members. Kevin J. Moore, Pasadena Magazine’s 2019 Top Estate Planning Attorney, was invited to give a presentation on recurring estate and gift tax issues for non-resident Chinese investors who invest in U.S. real estate. There are 16 countries […]

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International Tax Planning Helps Foreign Nationals Buy Peace of Mind

International flags

In 2012, foreign nationals conducted about 17 percent of real estate transactions in California. They may have engaged the professional assistance of real estate agents and brokers to streamline the purchase process but without thoughtful attention to legal details around international tax planning strategies, they may be putting their U.S. assets at risk of significant gift and estate tax consequences – often to the tune of 40% of the property […]

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Don’t Overlook International Estate and Gift Tax Treaties

White envelope with ribbon & a pencil

Gift and estate tax issues can be especially complex in the case of an individual whose domicile or property spans multiple countries. Each country has its own gift and estate tax laws, and when a decedent resides in one country while owning property in another, the estate may be subject to both higher and duplicative taxes. A huge potential variable is the existence of an estate and gift tax treaty […]

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