Kevin J. Moore Attends NYU’S 78th Institute on Federal Taxation

Last week Kevin J. Moore attended the NYU 78th Institute on Federal Taxation in San Francisco. This conference covered the most advanced tax issues, offering participants a clear understanding of the key issues affecting their clients or business and presenting planning ideas that can immediately be used in practice. The Institute also provided the perfect setting to meet practitioners from all around the country. The range of attendees included: attorneys, accountants, corporate treasury and compliance executives, tax managers, and financial planners seeking expert discussion of the latest technical, legislative, and planning developments.

Mr. Moore is not only an estate planning attorney but a tax attorney and the institute addressed all major areas of taxation. Mr. Moore is also an estate tax attorney and regularly attends conferences and seminars on the ever-changing estate & tax field. His vast knowledge is what distinguishes him from most estate planning attorneys as he deals with corporate tax issues, liquidations and dissolutions of entities, reorganizations of corporations and partnership entities of allocations of profits and losses, s-corporations, and business succession planning. As an estate planning attorney who represents family-owned and closely-held businesses, Kevin Moore has a unique advantage because he is well versed in a range of issues and does not have to hire outside counsel for clients who have various real property holdings or partnerships. Mr. Moore can create an entire estate plan including all of its complex entities.

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Ashley, Marketing Manager