KJM Speaks to Provisors Pasadena II Group About the ABC’s of Living Trusts

Kevin J. Moore recently spoke to Provisors Pasadena II group about the ABC’s of living trusts. He discussed the estate tax law changes that became effective in 2011 and how that necessitated changes in the structure of living trusts post-2011.

Living trusts are now structured in new ways. Under pre-2011 estate tax law, you may have created a B Trust, or an A,B,C, Trust, now there is more of a tendency to do more A,C, Trusts, or A,C,D, Trusts.

If your living trust has not been amended since 2011 or was created prior to year 2011 it is very likely that your trust needs to be updated. There are many trusts that fall under those categories and it is essential that they be reviewed. If you have more questions about living trusts or are interested in updating your living trust please call our office at 626.568.9300.

Ashley, Marketing Manager