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Important Update on Corporate Transparency Act Reporting Requirements

New Corporate Transparency Act

There is a significant regulatory development that may impact your business operations—the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”). Enacted as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021, the CTA introduces new reporting requirements for beneficial ownership information (“BOI”), aimed at enhancing corporate transparency and preventing financial crimes. Overview of the Corporate Transparency Act The CTA mandates that certain entities disclose BOI to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”). […]

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Kevin Moore on the Legacy Leaders Podcast: The Complex World of Estate Tax Returns

Kevin Moore Appearance on the Legacy Leaders Podcast

Kevin Moore was recently featured as a guest on the Legacy Leaders Podcast, hosted by Tim Garrity. During this conversation, Kevin provides a glimpse into the essence of what has made KJM Law Partners stand out in the field of estate planning and business taxation since 1992, and speaks candidly about the intricacies of estate planning, the pivotal role of estate tax returns in preserving financial legacies, and the importance […]

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KJMLAW Partners Welcomed International Student Attending Vienna University of Economics and Business

Clemens Lorenzoni using computer

KJMLAW Partners was pleased to welcome Clemens Lorenzoni, an international student attending Vienna University of Economics and Business. Clemens is expecting to complete the law program in 2024. While visiting he observed at KJMLAW Partners to learn more about the legal system, similar to what Kevin J. Moore did when he studied abroad. We wish Clemens continued success in his future in law.

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KJMLAW Partners’ Client Warp2Biz Sells to Gigstreem

Warp2Biz logo

KJMLAW Partners, Attorney Michael O’Connor assisted our client Warp2Biz, a Southern California-based internet service provider, in its sale to Gigstreem, a leading provider of high quality residential and commercial broadband networks nationwide. David Hellmold, CEO of Warp2Biz, who will be joining the Gigstreem executive team and leading its commercial sales efforts said, “Joining forces with Gigstreem provides us with the opportunity to deliver even greater value to our customers and […]

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KJMLAW Partners Attend Colleen Williams Charity Golf Tournament and Win Mixed Champion

KJM Law team picture at golf tournament charity event

This week KJMLAW Partners sponsored the 26th Annual Colleen Williams Charity Golf Tournament at Annandale Country club to benefit Casa Treatment Center. This wonderful Pasadena organization has been helping women and their families for over 50 years. It was an honor for KJMLAW Partners to give a gold level donation and play in the Annual Tournament. Attorneys, Debby Doitch, Michael O’Connor, Kevin Bayley, Andrew Nutbrown, and Evan Chavez won Mixed […]

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When A California Will or Trust Doesn’t Mention The Spouse of the Deceased: Status of an Omitted Spouse

Woman touching gravestone

What is An Omitted Spouse? When a spouse dies, the will or trust most commonly provides that their surviving spouse will receive all or most of their property and assets. The presumption that a surviving spouse should receive something is so strong that California law protects the surviving spouse even if they aren’t mentioned in the will or trust. Under California law, such a spouse is considered to be an “omitted spouse.” […]

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When Siblings Act as Co-Trustees: Potential Pitfalls in Estate Planning

Young couple having discussion about documents

We’ve all heard horror stories about families that fall apart after the death of a parent. Siblings stop talking with each other or even end up suing each other. A son or a daughter cuts a parent out of his or her life. Obviously, the reasons for such breakups vary. But in my experience, the primary reason is that the death of a parent almost always raises difficult and emotional […]

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Attorney Kevin J. Moore Named on So Cal’s 2023 Super Lawyers List

Kevin J. Moore Super Lawyers 2023 award

Estate Planning Lawyer Kevin J. Moore named as one of 2023 Southern California’s Super Lawyers We are excited to announce that Kevin J. Moore has been named one of Southern California’s 2023 Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters for the second year in a row! With over 30 years of experience in estate planning and estate tax planning for high-net-worth individuals and business owners, estate planning lawyer Kevin J. Moore has truly earned this honor […]

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New Changes to Canadian Succession Law

Young couple signing documents

This past year, Ontario, Canada drastically changed its succession laws in relation to how separations and marriages affect the validity of wills and the rights of surviving spouses. Now, under the laws of Ontario, separated spouses will not inherit under their former partner’s will or from a former partner’s intestate estate provided the couple was separated on or after January 1, 2022. Furthermore, marriages on or after January 1, 2022 […]

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What is Undue Influence?

Old man signing a document

When someone passes away, we have a sense of whom we expect to inherit the bulk of their property and other assets. When those expectations do not come to pass, the law sometimes intervenes and overturns the expressed desire of the person who passed away, as reflected in their will, codicil, trust, and related documents. The idea that specific provisions of a will or trust should not be carried out […]

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