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From Deadlines to Refunds: Challenging Your Property Tax Bill

In my post last week, I talked about challenging your property tax bill, and how such challenges can often be successful. This applies especially in instances where the county mistakenly reassesses the value of real estate, and in some others where appellants question the county’s valuation of their property. There are, of course — and I didn’t mention this last time — some additional reasons to appeal a property tax […]

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Exclusions and Errors: Can You Challenge Your Property Tax Bill?

If you own real estate in California then you know that it’s tax time. The county sent you your most recent property tax bill about two months ago, in early October. The payment came due on November 1, and you have until December 10 to mail it and avoid the ten percent fine for delinquency. So far, so good. But what if your property tax bill seems too high? Mistakes […]

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