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Don’t Play Small with Your Small Business

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Disregard for legalities can lead to unnecessary expenses. Too often small business owners make professional agreements with a simple handshake, placing their trust in a friend or acquaintance because they believe it’s easier, quicker, and cheaper than consulting an attorney. Whether you run a regional chain of restaurants, a professional consulting firm or simply rent out a residential property, it pays to make sure your contracts and commitments are legally […]

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Financial Disclosures: Accuracy and Timeliness Pay Off

Did you know that more than two in five Americans admit to having deceived their spouse about money? That three out of four people who admitted to the behavior say that it has affected their relationship? That 12 percent say it led to divorce? The numbers, which the National Endowment for Financial Education published earlier this year, sound staggering. Yet, as an attorney involved in business and family law litigation, […]

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