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Family Feuds and Trust Litigation: Weighing the Monetary and Emotional Cost of a Lawsuit in Estate Planning

If you were wronged in a business transaction, let’s say by a supplier of goods or a provider of services, litigation can be a wonderful tool. You hire a lawyer who takes your claim to court, and ideally you end up with a judgement that leaves you feeling vindicated. After the case, you get on with your life, henceforth avoiding any business dealings with the party you sued. When it […]

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Estate Planning For Women: Why It’s Important and Some Tips

Did you know that estate planning is more important for women than for men? Why? Women have a higher life expectancy than men, and those who marry tend to pick partners older than themselves. They are therefore not only more likely to become incapacitated as they age, but also more likely to be widowed. And in most cases, they will have the final say when it comes to the distribution […]

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Legal Standing and Grounds: Who Can File a Will Contest and Why?

As an attorney, I sometimes receive inquiries from potential clients who want to challenge the will of a recently deceased person. I invariably end up disappointing these people when I tell them that a will contest is not only expensive but also very hard to win. Why? To begin with, only a handful of people in any given case have the legal standing to file a will contest. Moreover, the […]

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Maintaining Flexibility: How Sprinkling Trusts Work

When we think of legacies and inheritances, we often associate the term fairness. But fairness means different things to different people. One person will say that distributing assets to inheritors fairly is equivalent to each one receiving the same share. Another person will argue that treating people fairly means paying attention to an individual’s needs and accordingly adjusting distributions. Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario: Heather and Juan have three […]

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How to Title a Car to Avoid Probate: What You Should Know About TOD Registration in California

What will happen with your car when you die? Will it sit in some driveway for months, collecting dust and losing value while your estate goes through California probate? Not if you’re proactive, at least in California. As one of about a dozen legislatures countrywide, the Golden State allows residents to add a transfer on death (TOD) beneficiary to a vehicle’s title. After your death, this person will automatically own […]

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