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Family Feuds and Trust Litigation: Weighing the Monetary and Emotional Cost of a Lawsuit in Estate Planning

If you were wronged in a business transaction, let’s say by a supplier of goods or a provider of services, litigation can be a wonderful tool. You hire a lawyer who takes your claim to court, and ideally you end up with a judgement that leaves you feeling vindicated. After the case, you get on with your life, henceforth avoiding any business dealings with the party you sued. When it […]

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What Happens to Your Debt When You Die?

Upon hearing the word inheritance, most people tend to have positive associations. They think assets, and their mind goes to savings, real estate, jewelry, art work and cars among other things. But what about debt? If there’s a balance on your credit card when you die or a loan hasn’t been paid off, what will your creditors do? Will they hold your heirs accountable? As so often, that depends. Generally […]

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