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A Recent Appeal Won By KJM Has Been Certified For Publication

CA Court of Appeals building

An appeal Kevin J. Moore recently won in a property tax assessment matter has been certified for publication upon multiple requests by various taxpayer groups & property tax law firms. As a result, this is now precedent in the State of California and can be used as a reference for other law firms with similar cases. More information:

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No-contest Clauses, Wills and Lawsuits: Why in Estate Planning Small Details Really Matter

When somebody dies with an estate plan and a last will in place, the deceased person’s assets usually pass to the heirs smoothly and swiftly. But every once in a while things go awry, and the courts get involved. So it happened with a case that the 2nd District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles filed in November, Estate of Dayan. The case hinged on a no-contest clause in the […]

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A New Federal Law, the DTSA, Provides Employers With a Powerful Tool for Trade Secret Litigation

Think trade secrets violations, and prominent cases involving big companies may come to mind. There was one where a worker for the chemical company DuPont provided a competitor in South Korea with information regarding the production of Kevlar vests, and another where research scientists for GlaxoSmithKline in Philadelphia passed on confidential data about drugs to treat cancer to associates who planned to sell the data in China. But big corporations […]

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Family Feuds and Trust Litigation: Weighing the Monetary and Emotional Cost of a Lawsuit in Estate Planning

If you were wronged in a business transaction, let’s say by a supplier of goods or a provider of services, litigation can be a wonderful tool. You hire a lawyer who takes your claim to court, and ideally you end up with a judgement that leaves you feeling vindicated. After the case, you get on with your life, henceforth avoiding any business dealings with the party you sued. When it […]

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From Claims to Attorney’s Fees: What Business Owners Must Know About the California Unfair Competition Law

A few years ago, a new term surfaced in California: food court. Used as a synonym for the Northern District, it spoke to the fact that courts in the health and nutrition conscious Bay Area were finding themselves inundated in class actions where plaintiffs alleged that healthy sounding food labels mislead consumers. The plaintiffs filed these claims, which often focused on phrases like “100 percent natural” and “no sugar added,” […]

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When a Trustee Acts in Bad Faith: Lessons from Gray v Jewish Federation

As an estate planning attorney who represents trustees whose actions have been challenged as well as parties who allege wrongdoing by a trustee, I stay current with legal developments in the field. A recent case before the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth District is a good lesson. It demonstrates what is ultimately expected of a trustee and what’s at stake in lawsuits involving trusts. So here’s what happened, or […]

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