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When Privacy Gets in The Way: HIPAA and CMIA Waivers as Part of Your Estate Plan

You know the form that every doctor and hospital has you sign as soon as you’ve walked through the door? The HIPAA notice that ensures that your health care provider will keep information about your health history, treatment and medical status private? Well, if you create an estate plan with me I will actually have you sign another paper, the HIPAA and CMIA waiver, that overrides your original signature. Why? […]

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The Responsible Choice: Why We Need Advance Directives

When it comes to end-of-life health decisions, are you like most other Americans? Would you say, as about 60 percent of adults do, that you’d want your wishes regarding medical care and interventions to be respected? If your answer is “Yes”, another question must follow: Do you have an advance directive, living will, or durable power of attorney for health care? Simply put, an advance directive is a written declaration […]

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