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Merchants, Slaves, Peculium: The History of LLCs

The other day, a friend asked me about the history of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs.) I shared with her what little I could off the top of my head: That they have only become popular in this country over the last couple of decades, that the first LLC statute was passed in Wyoming in the late 70s, and that other countries, such as the German speaking ones, have had some […]

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Corporation v LLC: Which is Better For Startups?

You’re the entrepreneurial type. You and your friend would like to open a gym in your neighborhood strip mall. Or you want to sell mini quiches to a couple of cafés around town. Or you’ve designed an app that, with some help from investors, is destined to be the next big thing on the high-tech market. Questions arise: do you need to form a company to pursue your dream? If […]

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