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Fighting For Transparency: Inspection Demands and Audit Rights in Shareholder Disputes

A family owned business with relatives working side by side on a venture that they believe in can be a wonderful thing. But families, for all that binds them, aren’t immune to disputes. When problems do arise they can easily turn into ugly fights, with the minority shareholders in the company feeling like David before Goliath. What these minority shareholders as well as aggrieved directors need to know is that […]

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Squeezes, Freezes and Minority Shareholder Rights in Closely-Held Businesses

Let’s start with a hypothetical scenario in which A offers his friend B a job in his newly founded tech company if B is willing to invest in the business. Trusting his friend, B agrees to become a minority shareholder. For a while things are going great. A’s company is growing fast and adding new employees every month, and B likes his work. But after a couple of years B […]

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