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Pasadena Outlook features KJMLAW Partners

KJM Law Partners group photo featured in Pasadena newspaper

KJMLAW Partners was featured in Pasadena Outlook’s latest edition. The firm recently celebrated their 30 year anniversary and the local paper highlighted the celebration. The anniversary party launched a rebrand and company name change. Previously Kevin J. Moore & Associates now KJMLAW Partners, is ready for the next 30 years with new attorneys and a new additional Shareholder, Debby Doitch.

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Happy New Year from Kevin J. Moore & Associates

Kevin J. Moore and his associates/staff

Now that the holidays are behind us and the new year is upon us, we want to take this opportunity to thank our clients, friends, and colleagues for helping us to make 2016 a great success! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! It was with great pride and gratitude that we were able to share the official reopening of our offices at our “open house” holiday gathering […]

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Contests and Commitments: My 60-day Yoga Challenge

I have always loved contests and a good challenge, so when my yoga studio, Bikram Yoga Pasadena, recently went in search of the “Most Inspiring Yogi” I decided to participate. 60 sessions of Bikram Yoga within 60 days. It would be hard, I thought as I was signing up, but barring any injuries or other unforeseen calamities that would hinder daily practice I knew I’d succeed. What I didn’t realize […]

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Clearing the Mind at 105F: What Bikram Yoga Does For Me

A couple of times a week I pack my mat and head to Bikram Yoga Pasadena, a studio on Colorado Boulevard that has been around for 15 years. Following the commands of an instructor, I stretch and twist in a way that I would not have thought possible only a few months back — all at a temperature of 105F and a humidity of 40%, the studio settings prescribed for […]

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