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Tying Up the Loose Ends: Why a Pour-Over Will Is Useful

It’s been six years since Michael Jackson died, but his estate planning strategy still offers valuable lessons. I already talked about one lesson, the need to designate the right executor for your estate, in a previous post (“The Attics of Life”). Today, I want to look at a tool called pour-over will: How are these wills defined? Why are they useful? So back to Michael Jackson. When the King of […]

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The Low Down on Probate and How To Avoid It

Probate. Most people have heard the term, yet many are unsure what it means. Others know that the process is painful, but don’t realize that they can avoid it. Starting with a definition, here’s the low down: Probate is the legal process that seeks to determine whether a will is valid or not. Designed to protect the rights of a deceased person’s heirs and creditors, it involves a lot of […]

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