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Don’t Play Small with Your Small Business

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Disregard for legalities can lead to unnecessary expenses. Too often small business owners make professional agreements with a simple handshake, placing their trust in a friend or acquaintance because they believe it’s easier, quicker, and cheaper than consulting an attorney. Whether you run a regional chain of restaurants, a professional consulting firm or simply rent out a residential property, it pays to make sure your contracts and commitments are legally […]

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Equity, Debt and a Process Called ROBS: Funding a New Business

Let’s say you’ve had an idea for a new venture. Maybe you want to open a cafe specializing in Viennese pastries. Or you’d like to start a writing school offering classes for IT consultants, attorneys and other professionals. Or you want to be a one-man company that plans trips for wealthy clients and travels the world with them. Depending on the business sector and other factors, your funding needs can […]

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