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Avoiding Probate With a Living Trust is not Avoiding Trust Administration

Male lawyer drafting trust documents with female client

Creating a living trust is one of the most effective ways to set up the smooth transfer of assets from one generation to another, avoid the time and cost of the probate administration process, and eliminate or reduce certain tax burdens. Setting up a living trust, however, doesn’t avoid the process of trust administration.   But what exactly is trust administration? Broadly speaking, it’s the process by which the assets of a trust […]

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Trust Administration Is Your Friend

Probate court document & a gavel

“You should avoid probate.” This is one the most common refrains you hear when you talk to a wills and trusts lawyer or financial advisor. In fact, they have done such a good job emphasizing the evils associated with the probate process that even sophisticated people mistakenly believe that, once they set up a trust or estate plan, they don’t have to do anything else once someone passes When done […]

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